Dark Matters - A Manifesto for the Nocturnal City

To explore the hinterlands of the nocturnal city is to rediscover and connect with the places intrinsic to the push and pull of the urban fabric albeit with its own distinctive character. They may have a proximity to our home but the experience can be a exotic as any far-flung destination on a bucket-list.


„Composting cities and the need to enable things to fail, perish and be redeveloped does not dovetail with unrestrained logics of late capitalism. Instead, empty sites that could support non-permanent, creative and social use are simply bordered off, surgically removed from existence by perimeter fences, surveillance technology and the warnings of 24-hour call-and-response. Consequently, the most frequent re-use and temporary occupation of urban spaces is open-air car parks. This unimaginative and quick-fix intervention (…) furthers our detachment from the city. It reinforces the notion that everything is to be consumed and space has a price.“

Nick Dunn - Dark Matters (2016)