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Go to Im Lottental, Bochum

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Go to Feldmark, Bochum

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Go to Westfaliastraße, Dortmund

How it works

Each exhibition takes place in a different city. Each city will require the search for a location. These explorations will be documented and the resulting photographs will end up in the zine accompaning the exhibition. This way each edition of the zine is going to be slightly different, an ever changing map of the urban space.


You found the location? Great. Enter your mailing adress and the secret location code below and I’ll send you my limited edition photo zine by mail.

Guidelines for urban exploring

  • Go during daylight hours
  • Do not go alone
  • Tell someone where you are going
  • Clothes: jeans, long sleeves, solid shoes, gloves
  • Bring a flashlight
  • Bring a small first aid kit
  • Bring water & snacks
  • No vandalism, don’t litter
  • Have fun, stay safe

Soundtrack for the Industrial Wasteland - A Playlist

A selecetion of records that deal with the subject of industrialization, it’s demise and the way it shaped the urban landscape. Hexa - Factory Photographs Evan Caminiti - Toxic City Music GOG - Ironworks Locrian - The Clearing & The Final Epoch Phase Fatale - Reverse Fall Waelder - Non Places

Dark Matters - A Manifesto for the Nocturnal City

To explore the hinterlands of the nocturnal city is to rediscover and connect with the places intrinsic to the push and pull of the urban fabric albeit with its own distinctive character. They may have a proximity to our home but the experience can be a exotic as any far-flung destination on a bucket-list.

Concrete Island

Alone in this forgotten world whose furthest shores were defined only by the roar of automobile engines… an alien planet abandoned by its inhabitants, a race of motorway builders who had long since vanished but had bequeathed to him this concrete wilderness.