Concrete Island

exhibitions in the urban space of the Ruhr Area

51.460990, 7.355700

Status: active

Reason: opened on 05.10.2020

Coordinates: 51.460990, 7.355700

Directions: take the train S1 to stop Dortmund-Oespel. From Dortmund-Oespel take the bus 371 to stop Stockum Bf. From Stockum Bf approx. fifteen minute walk (1 km). I left stickers along the way for better orientation.

Notes: The route consists of dirt- and forest track. You’ll have to climb up and down a small slope on the last section. Sturdy and water resistant shoes are recommended. The entrance measures only 70 cm in width and 140 cm in height at its most narrow point. The room/bunker has a ceiling height of approx. 2,50 meters. Keep this in mind if you feel uncomfortable in small spaces. There is almost no daylight, so you must bring a flashlight.

Tools: You can locate your position with GPS Status And Toolbox (Android). offers and extensive collection of current and historic aerial views of the Ruhr Area.

Various: If you take photos yourself I’d love to see them and, with your permission, include them into the documentation of the project.

Update: 2020-10-05