“Concrete Island” is a travelling series of multi-location exhibitions, combining urban exploring, self-publishing and open source software. Each of these aspects represents a strategy to reclaim ones autonomy.

  1. Urban exploring as a way to reclaim our freedom of movement, outside the scripted reality of fences and permissions. Go where you want to, not where you told to.
  2. Self-publishing as a way to reclaim our expression, outside the centralized platforms that have taken over so much of our communication. No need for slick UI, any shitty laser printer will do.
  3. The use of open source software and services to document the project. Today the computer is one of the most widespread tools in the western hemisphere. Its probably easier to find a computer than it is to borrow a power drill. Like our communiaction, this tool has been hijacked by large companies that have no interest in empowered users who are able to maintain and fix their machines themselves. It’s time to take look under the hood instead of just dragging and dropping things around.